5X05 Christmas Carol

Dana will travel with her mother to San Diego in California to visit
her brother Bill, and his very pregnant wife Tara Scully.

While there Scully will recieve a call from a mysterious voice that
she believes she has heard before. The voice says         
                         "She needs your help"
Dana believes that the voice was her sister Melissa.

Dana traces the call to a nearby house, where she finds a women lying
dead on the floor, with a little girl crying.

Dana is amazed at the resemblace of the little girl (Emily) to her
sister Melissa. She looks identicle to Melissa at 4 years old.

Scully takes Emily into her care, and is on the run with her, from
the very men who killed Emily's mother. 

Tests show that it is 60% likely that Emily is the child of Melissa.
With this in mind she atempts to adopt her, but the woman from 
social services in concerned about Dana's lifestyle and job.

Christmas morning arrives, and the real shock is about to take place.
An official arrives with the more sophisticated test results of Emily.
The results show that Melissa is not Emily's mother. But Dana Scully
now has a 4 year old daughter. Emily is Scully's daughter.