Frank Spotnitz says they will most likely film a two
 part episode at Area 51. He also says that the
 Mulder and Scully relationship deepens in the
 movie, and as a result the actors get to have more
 fresh acting oppurtunities. And that season six will
 most likely not start with a two parter, and they will
 be into stand alones pretty quickly. 

 John Shiban states that he wouldn´t be surprised if
 someone were cast to play Mulder's X-Wife, if they
 have a story where that plot serves, "at this point we
 havent decided anything". In answer to the question
 of wether or not Arthur Dales will return in season
 six, "Actually, we plan on seeing Arthur Dales again.
 I have a feeling we'll see more of modern day Mulder,
 modern day Dales." Shiban goes on to talk about an
 idea he has for a tandem Mulder/Dales story with
 Mulder solving a case Dales started 40 years ago. 

 Chris Carter talks about the return of Mimi Rogers
 who will be back next season playing Diana Fowley,
 the same character she played in "The End" the
 season five finale. Also, there is an allusion that
 Spender will be back, and the family structure will be
 played with. 

 Mimi Rogers says she "likes the fact that she´s
 basically trying to come between them (Mulder and
 Scully) intentioally, I'm doing it on purpose... I think
 it will be a very interesting storyline.