There are 10 questions so far, there will be more questions added 
very soon. 

01: Who played Jerimiah Smith?

02: What did the bottom of The Erlenmeyer Flask read?

03: Name the person who portrays "Langly"?

04: What was the number of the flight that crashed in Tempus Fugit?

05: What was the original title for the episode "Duane Barry"?

06: What had "The Truth is Out There" been changed to in the
      season finale "Gethsemane"?

07: What episode was the following dialogue taken from:-
      Scully:  So, is the game afoot
     Mulder:  Fraid so Watson

08: Who portrayed Eddie Vanblundht?

09: Name three episodes that Vince Gilligan has written?

10: What verse was placed on Scully's headstone in "One Breath"?

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know how well you did.