Redux II (Part 3 of 3)

5X03:  REDUX II  (Part 3 of 3)

With Scully lying critical in hospital, Mulder emerges from the 
apparent beyond to see her. Only to be escorted away by Skinner who 
wants to know why he lied. Mulder later is told by the CSM that what
he found in the pentagon is a cure for Scully. Mulder goes back with
the Lone Gunmen and looks again at the de-ionized water - only to find
that the water was infact protecting a computer chip which she had 
removed 2 years ago. After Mulder argues with Bill Scully, Dana has
the chip put back in her neck. Later on, CSM calls Mulder and tells 
him that he wants to show him something. His sister. Mulder speaks
with Samantha - who now has children, only to find that Samantha 
believes that CSM is her father. Samantha leaves promising that she
will think about seeing Mulder again. Scully discovers that her 
condition is not getting any better, and so returns to her faith.
CSM asks Mulder to come and work for him, while being followed by a 
man with a gun on him - ordered by the 1st Elder. With one more visit
to Scully's bedside - leaving to alow Father Mcue to pray with Dana.
Mulder is called to Blevins office, and virtualy asked to implicate
Skinner as the murderer of Ostelhof (man on Mulder's floor). At a 
hearing later that day, Mulder speaks about the past, his beliefs,
the conspiricy, and how important Agent Scully has been to him. 
Several times Mulder is asked if he killed Ostelhof - replying "I will
answer that question Sir, after I name the man" "A man whom is sitting
in this very room". Scenes showing Scully praying and crying, as well 
as the CSM looking at a picture of Mulder/Samantha. Skinner looking 
woried that he is about to be named, when Mulder suddenly says that 
the mole in the FBI is Blevins. A red beam hits CSM - a shot is fired,
he goes down. Skinner tells Mulder at the hospital that CSM is dead.
He gives him a picture - the same picture CSM had when he died. 
Skinner tells Mulder about Blevins, and his connections with a company
called "Roush". Mulder smiles, and tells him that Scully's cancer has
gone into remission. 


Directed  :  KIM MANNERS