6X07 Rain King

Mulder and Scully arrive at Kroner, Kansas, in a single engine plane on a dirt landing strip. The mayor of the community has asked them to come because of the drought. Daryl Moots is charging people to make it rain, but the mayor thinks Daryl is causing the drought. Six months earlier, on Valentine's Day, Daryl had an argument with his fiance, Sheila. He left and lost a leg in a highway accident -- his car crashed in a hail storm.

Mulder and Scully go go Daryl's office. The secretary doesn't understand why they are investigating him because he is helping people. They go to the local television station and talk with the weather man, Holman Hardt. Kroner is a fascinating place to work for a meterologist, because of all of the unusual weather that has happened there over the years. He says there is no reason to believe that Daryl is causing the drought, but he does seem to have the ability to make it rain. Daryl's ex-fiance, Sheila, works at the TV station. The agents go to a field where Daryl is expected. He arrives, sits in a chair under a tent that has been put up for him, then sips a beer. He tells the agents that he cannot explain his ability, but when he begins to dance, it soon rains, drenching Mulder and Scully.

That night, at the motel, it is very windy. Looking out a window, Mulder sees a cow in a nearby field lifted into the air. It crashes down into Mulder's room. In the morning, as crews are cleaning up the mess, Sheila arrives and claims to be responsible for the weather. At her senior prom, the high school was destroyed by a tornado. On her wedding day, the ourdoor wedding experienced snow. Mulder tells her that he is convinced she is not the cause. We learn that Holman is secretly in love with Sheila. They are also best friends. She, however, asks him what he thinks of Mulder, and it storms. Mulder visits Holman and tells him he realizes Holman is the cause of the weather. Mulder sends Holman to Sheila to confess his love, but she tells him she loves Mulder. Meanwhile, Daryl has lost the ability to make it rain. He decides to seek out Sheila, because he needs money. He arrives at the TV station and accosts Sheila. Mulder walks up and they scuffle, with Mulder handcuffing Daryl. Sheila kisses Mulder for rescuing her, just as Scully and Holman walk up. Holman is upset and the radar shows a massive storm approaching.

Sheila, Holman and Daryl were all school mates, and they have a 20 year reunion dance. Mulder and Scully are also there, because there has been seven inches of rain in the last six hours and flash flood warnings are posted. They are looking for Holman. They maneuver Holman and Sheila into dancing, and he repeats his confession of love. This time Sheila realizes what he means, is flustered and heads for the lady's room. Scully follows and counsels Sheila that her close friendship with Holman is a good basis for a more intimate relationship. Scully also tells Sheila about Holman's apparent ability to control the weather. Sheila thinks Scully loves Mulder and is trying to divert Sheila from Mulder.

Daryl arrives at the dance, without his artificial leg and scuffles with Mulder. His secretary who is also his girlfriend took the leg, because he left her to chase Sheila. The lights and power are out because Holman is so upset. Sheila goes back to talk to Holman. Is he really the cause of the weather? Yes, because of his love for Sheila. "That's the most romantic thing I ever heard." They kiss and the power comes back on. Daryl's girlfriend arrives, carrying his artificial leg. They kiss and make up also. Mulder asks Holman "how did it go?" Holman replies, "You should try it some time."

In the final scene, in the future, we see Sheila watching Holman on television, with him saying the weather is fine. Sheila has a baby, and outside a rainbow ends in her yard.