9:47 p.m. This morning in Los Angeles was primed to be the perfect day for an X-file--overcast, a tad rainy, a chill in the air. We had everything but the eerie soundtrack. But the sun has at last come through, there's not a cloud in the sky and it seems more like the perfect day for a Hollywood premiere. And that's what we're doing, as the sun sets behind the Mann Bruin theater in Westwood--red carpet, screaming fans and David and Gillian. Ah, I love L.A. 9:49 Bad news: Local radio-station guys are here as emcees, and that means loud and corny. They're out in force, so interviews are blaring nonstop from the speakers. 9:52 Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, the celebs have started arriving. Chris Carter, Martin Landau and John Neville (no relation to this reporter) are starting the walk of fame. Guess they came early to maximize interview time.
9:57 The stars were so surprisingly early that Pat O'Brien of Access Hollywood had to put down his slice of Domino's with everything to prepare for the onslaught. He seemed disappointed. He shouldn't worry, his show has extra cheese. 10:02 Mitch Pileggi (Skinner) and William B. Davis (the Cigarette-Smoking Man) are here. (He just wrapped up a chat in the E! Online tent.) Wow. All the cool guys right up front. And Chris Carter just stopped right in front of me. He's surprisingly dashing. For a writer.
From ladyjane: Do Scully and Mulder kiss in the movie, and does it have anything to do with saving her life? Nobody's really saying for sure, but I can guarantee you nothing's going to happen that'll change their relationship. The TV show must go on. 10:05 It works like this: Celebs climb out of their limos, walk down the red carpet on one side of the street, over to the other side of the street and back down to the limo area, where they enter the theater for the screening. In the mind of a studio publicist somewhere, this makes sense. 10:09 Pileggi has come over to the stands and is signing autographs for fans. He's here with his wife, beaming proudly. He just looks so happy. It's kind of sweet. 10:11 There's a wild scream from down at the other end of the bleachers, and that means only one thing...Yes, David Duchovny has arrived. From chopinchopin: What's David wearing? A light turquoise suit that's got a satiny shimmer and tightish pants like an English rocker would wear. 10:13 News flash: The radio guys actually mined a good quote from the main man. They asked Duchovny if there's a lot of pressure at home to outperform Téa Leoni's Deep Impact, and he said, "Yes, there's a lot of pressure to perform." 10:18 The L.A. Kings' Luc Robitaille is here with a blonde babe on his arm. But he's a hockey player--what would you expect? (Other than bad hair and no teeth.) 10:19 Good-guy alert: Some fan in the bleachers threw down an interview book to Robert Forster, his career resurgent in the wake of Jackie Brown, and he signed it and tossed it back up. Class. Why is it we're always surprised when a star does something nice? From xangel18: Are D.D. and G.A. walking around together or separate? David is doing the carpet with Téa, and Gillian is walking it alone, though stopping to chat with so many people she's hardly ever by herself. 10:25 Don't take this the wrong way, because I love the guy, but David Duchovny looks awful. His hair is cropped short like my seven-year-old nephew's--and my sister cuts that with a bowl and a pair of kitchen shears. 10:32 Téa, of course, is with her husband. She looks great, chatting with some folks and waving to the crowd. Gillian just ambled by, too. She has a sleek new 'do. There's something big going on here with hair, and we've got to get to the bottom of it. Obviously, it's a conspiracy. From strider21: What's Gillian wearing? Gillian is in a sleek, rose-colored sleeveless dress with a flowing hemline and similarly colored shawl. It would be too much for some, but she pulls it off through sheer exuberance--she's definitely happy in the dress. 10:33 Jennifer Tilly and Carol Alt are having a peach of a chat down in front of the Access Hollywood area. They seem to be comparing notes on their dresses, both clingy silky things that look, well, great. 10:34 Kudos to Fox for getting out the talent tonight--Mimi Rogers, Kelly Preston, Scott Wolf, Bill Maher, Eric Karros of the L.A. Dodgers--and the hits just keep on coming. 10:39 Gillian just came back over this way to give Scott Wolf a big hug. Shoot, I'm getting the warm fuzzies all over. 10:41 Mark Hamill is signing some autographs over here, and, frankly, folks, I just don't know what to say. He looks like a cross between David Bowie and Herman Munster. Bleached-blond hair, pale white face, spooky green eyes. Wow. All those "Wing Commander" games have taken their toll. 10:43 Two words: Téa's calves. Two more words: Un-freakin'-believable. From yummygrl: What do you mean Téa's calves? I mean, they look great--cut and toned to the nth degree. She walked past me, then turned around to talk to someone. She's really thin, but her calves are exceptionally muscular. For a few moments, I couldn't speak--I could only type... 10:50 Angie Everhart is here in red leather pants, a white leather jacket, red-striped Adidas tennis shoes, flaming red hair and a big soft smile. Sly, what were you thinking? 10:51 And, as usual, as quickly as it began, it's over. The radio guys said goodnight, the fans are filing out and a few stragglers are working their way down to the end of the red carpet. 10:56 So, that's a wrap from Westwood, folks. The sun is down, the movie is starting, and it's getting seriously chilly out here. Another day in L.A. comes to a close. The truth is, we're outta here.