12/29 - From GF on SpoilerVille: 1.Michael Watkins will be directing three more eps after Tithonous 2. John "Killer Kitties" Shiban is the writer of 6X14 or 615. Not sure which 3. Again, I know all the smart people know this, but this isn't the last season of the X-Files 4. The Two People killed off: Jeff Spender (see next tidbit) and one of the elders (1st, 2nd or 3rd) 5. Chris Owens will return in May after his "death". But there is no doubt about the other death above. 6. Expect 2 or 3 mythology eps in Late April/May according to Spotnitz. 7. At least one of the new writers is already gone from what I hear.

12/29 - From GF on SpoilerVille: In an interview with Sci-fi TV magazine (issue #2), Vince Gilligan said that while his 1st idea for the TLG featured episode wasn't used, he did say that it was outlined and boarded and he planned on using that outline if the Unusual Suspects was successful, which it was. Well, the new official guide sheds some light on a possible plot point for the sequel. Gilligan's first Lone Gunmen plotline, set in the present, revolved around nanotechnology: the emerging science of creating very small, very clever machines. Vince went on to add that " I think the story had a lot of interesting, cool moments in it." A sequel is likely to appear late this season or early next season. Vince would write it and Signy Coleman is rumored to have been asked to reprise her as Susanne Modeski (a character that was in Vince's 1st outline).

12/27 - From AGemini 's response on Spoilerville: << a woman in a graveyard dies of fright after Mulder suddenly approaches her. Can anyone verify these rumors??? >> that's the stephen king, night of the living dead one. aparently its the same as the origional until she sees one of the living dead come towards her, and instead its mulder