When They First Appeared & What's In A Title

When They First Appeared -

Cigarette Smoking Man (Pilot Episode)
Deep Throat (Deep Throat)
William Scully (Beyond The Sea)
Margaret Scully (Beyond The Sea)
The Lone Gunmen (EBE)
AD Skinner (Tooms)
Senator Richard Matheson (Little Green Men)
Alex Krycek (Sleepless)
Mr X (VOICE OVER - The Host) (SEEN - Sleepless)
Melissa Scully (One Breath)
Alien Assasin (Colony)
Bill Mulder (Colony)
Tina Mulder (Colony)
Well Manicured Man (Blessing Way)
Stupendous Yappi (Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose)
Agent Pendrell (Nisei)
Luis Cardinal (Blessing Way)
Quuequeg (Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose)
Jerimiah Smith (Talitha Cumi) 
Marita Covarrubias (Herrenvolk)

When They Were Killed/Died -

Deep Throat (The Erlenmeyer Flask)
William Scully (Beyond The Sea)
Mr X (Herrenvolk)
Melissa Scully (Paper Clip)
Bill Mulder (Blessing Way)
Agent Pendrell (Max)
Luis Cardinal (Apocrypha)
Queequeg (Quagmire)
Jerimiah Smith (Herrenvolk) ..we think he was killed
Penny Northern (Memento Mori)


Excelsis Dei         = "God  In The Highest"
Die Hand Die Verletzt= "His Is The Hand That Wounds"
Dod Kalm             = "Dead Calm"
Anasazi              = "Ancient Alien"
Oubliette            = "Concealed Room or Dungeon"
Nisei                = "Second Generation Japanese"
Syzygy               = "Alignment of The Sun, Earth and A Third Body"
Teso Dos Bichos      = "Mound of The Animals"
Avatar               = "Spirit Returning In Another Form"
Talitha Cumi         = "Lady or Maiden Arise"
Herrenvolk           = "Master Race"
El Mundo Gira        = "The World Turns"
Kaddish              = "Jewish Prayer"
Memento Mori         = "Reminder of Mortality"
Tempus Fugit         = "Time Flies"
Synchrony            = "Synchronized"
Elegy                = "Poetry Piece Connected To Death"
Gethsemane           = "Garden Where Judas Betrayed Jesus" 
Redux                = "Return of"

Christopher Zawadzki