THE X-FILES EXPO, an interactive road show that combines the look and feel of
                 the hit television series with high-tech entertainment experiences, will be unveiled
                 in a ten-city tour beginning in March 1998. 

                 "The EXPO will be a place for people who like the show to get together and have a
                 great time," said Chris Carter, the show's creator and executive producer. "We
                 wanted this to be more than just an opportunity to hear speakers and buy
                 stuff--it'll be a really big party." 

                 THE X-FILES EXPO will be housed in alternative venues in the following markets,
                 with the dates subject to change: San Francisco (Mar. 7-8); Los Angeles (Mar.
                 14-15); Dallas (March 21-22); Atlanta (March 28-29); Miami (April 4-5); Chicago
                 (April 18-19); Detroit (April 25-26); Boston (May 2-3); New York (May 9-10) and
                 Washington D.C. (May 16-17). Tickets are priced at $25 per person per day and
                 only a limited number will be available in each market. The tickets go on sale
                 January 20th at 10:13am (PST) and can be ordered by calling 1-888-EXPO-TIX
                 (888-397-6849) or online here at 

                 PLANS FOR THE X-FILES EXPO:

                   In each market, the objective is for attendees to become totally immersed in an
X-FILES environment. Alternative "top secret" venues will be used to house the
events such as decommissioned military bases or airplane hangers -- no hotel

Thematic atmosphere will consume fans from the moment they approach the
sites. A high-tech, high-security environment will give all those approaching the
sense that they are about to enter a restricted area through their access to THE

Once inside the venues, the fans will have access to multiple themed activities:
interactive games; show props and memorabilia; photo opportunities; up to one
hundred computer terminals with internet access to exclusive sites plus special
previews of new THE X-FILES CD ROM products; a sneak peek at THE X-FILES
feature film that can only be seen at the EXPO; a special fan club area; an EXPO
PX with previously unavailable THE X-FILES merchandise and official and
exclusive EXPO merchandise; special appearances and discussions with THE
X-FILES creative personnel and a variety of other speakers; and celebrity