Breaking The Code

EBE                           Extraterrestrial Biological Entity
The Erlenmeyer Flask          Purity Control
Die Hand Die Verletzt         His Is The Hand That Wounds
Dod Kalm                      Dead Calm
Anasazi                       Ancient Alien
DPO                           Darren Peter Oswald
Oubliette                     Dungeon
Nisei                         3rd Generation American/Japanese Citizen
War of The Coprophages        War of The Cockroaches
Syzygy                        Alignment of the Sun, Earth and 3rd body
Teso Dos Bichos               Mound of The Animals
Avatar                        Spirit
Quagmire                      Marsh and Wet Ground
Talitha Cumi                  Arise Maiden
Herrenvolk                    The Master Plan
Unruhe                        No Rest
Teliko                        African Myth
El Mundo Gira                 Goat Sucker (El Chupacabra)
Kaddish                       Jewish Prayer
Memento Mori                  Reminder of Mortality
Tempus Fugit                  Time Flies
Synchrony                     Synchronized
Elegy                         Poetry of Death
Gethsemane                    Garden Where Judas Betrayed Jesus
Redux                         Return of
Post Modern Prometheus        Post Modern Monster
Kitsunegari                   Fox Hunt
Schizogeny                    Killer Trees
Folie  Deux                  Madness Shared by Two