(12/21/98) From X-Files Finis Romantics Society -

In this episode by a new writing team, Mulder and Scully pose as a married couple in a "seemingly" perfect community. The problem? You break the rules, you die. Talk about elitists. Of course, Mulder and Scully know what to do with rules...*ahem*. The killers, deathsquad...whatever, have been described as "garbage monsters." When trash goes bad...

Here are some various posts on the AOL message boards (posted by Sea on spoilerville):

Jesse gave us: 'What little I've heard about "Arcadia'" involves a residential community where things are a little too perfect.'

Correct and if you break rules the garbage monsters kill you

More people complained, so Jesse tried his best to make it sound good and admittedly failed with:

'Mulder and Scully are posing as a married couple..... on the most perfect place on earth. If you follows the rules you will live in perfect harmony with the others, and if you dont.... well lets just say I hope you took our your garbage this week and who's next but Mulder and Scully.'

Then Mara came up with best synop to date:

'Undercover as a married couple, Mulder and Scully investigate a seemingly idealic community that gives a deadly new meaning to taking out the trash.'