5X02 Redux (Part 2 of 3):
5X03 Redux II (Part 3 of 3):
5X01 The Unusual Suspect:
5X04 Detour:
5X06 Post-Modern Prometheus:
5X05 Christmas Carol (Part 1 of 2):
5X07 Emily (Part 2 of 2):
5X08 Kitsunegari:
5X09 Schizogeny:
5X10 Chinga:
5X11 Kill Switch:
5X12 Bad Blood:
5X13 Patient X (Part 1 of 2):
5X14 The Red and The Black (Part 2 of 2):
5X15 Travelers:
5X16 Minds Eye:
5X17 All Souls:
5X18 The Pine Bluff Variant:
5X19 Folie Deux:
5X20 The End: