XFC: 7X15


Writer: William B. Davis
Director: Rob Bowman
Airdate: 3/19/200

1/26 - From Autumn on AOL via Numue on Haven's mb:
<title or writer (??) or director yet) so don't be saying I said anything but what I say--thank you).

1/26 - From Autumn on the mb:
In 7X15 we get to meet... CancerMan's mom. Well, technically Scully meets her, but we get to watch. She says she is 112, but
she certainly does not look it...

1/26 - According to Dean Haglund's site.
I think this episode might be Mulder-lite to accomodate DD's promo week. In the parts of the script I have seen (which is no
where near all of it mind you) Scully is doing a lot of running around by herself. Well until CSM ends up in her car.

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