XFC: First Person Shooter


Written By: Willian Gibson and Tom Maddox
Directed By: Chris Carter

From Kim on AOL passed on by Numue.
The Feb. 27 episode "First Person Shooter" was written by renowned
science fiction writer William Gibson and Tom Maddox and directed by
series creator and executive producer Chris Carter. In this episode, Mulder
and Scully investigate a murder inside the high-tech world of a virtual reality
game. As the stakes of the virtual game are raised, Scully must battle with a
deadly digital character to save Mulder's life.

From the Official Site:
The William Gibson/Tom Maddox-scripted "First Person Shooter" will
tentatively air on 2/27. Chris Carter directs the episode set in the world of
virtual reality games as the agents try to find "Maitreya."
From the Souris on the MB:
A friend of mine interviewed the actors who play the Lone Gunmen in LA
recently. They were on break from filming FPS at the time. According to
them, they do an unusual (for them) amount of running and yelling in this ep,
chiefly in the virtual reality enviroment. And M&S have to come in and save
the day. They were on a night shoot, which they said was unusual for them.

From Autumn T. on AOL.
The Gunmen bring Mulder and Scully in on this case of a software gone bad. Lots
of geek testosterone in this one. A Cyber babe wreaks havoc on a first person
shooter game's development.

7 x 13 is by William Gibson and Tom Maddox. Gibson has been quoted as saying
the episode is "about testosterone. It's about why computer games are such boys'
things." The episode takes place in a videogame design studio that's struggling to
meet a deadline on a "Final Fantasy VII"-type project when the programmers begin
dying off. The culprit? An avenging angel - Lara Croft gone bad - who's using
virtual reality to even the score.

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