XFC: Sein Und Zeit


Written By: Spotnitz & Carter
Directed By: Watkins

From Kim on AOL passed on by Numue.
In the Feb. 6 episode "Sein Und Zeit," the first part of a two-episode story
arc, agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson)
investigate the disappearance of a child, and Mulder discovers information
that shakes his beliefs and re-opens the case of his sister Samantha's
abduction 25 years earlier. The concluding episode "Closure," airing Feb. 13,
finds Mulder continuing to search for clues to his sister's abduction and
culminates in a race against time to find the long-sought-after answers to her

Summary From The Official Site.
The mythology arc resumes in February: Episodes #10 ("Sein Und Zeit") and
#11 (untitled) will be a two-part mythology series, both written by Chris
Carter & Frank Spotnitz. Michael Watkins directs part one, and Kim
Manners helms the continuation. They will tentatively air on 2/6 and 2/13.

From Autumn T.
OK. First of all Sein Und Zeit is part 1 of 2. The story is continued in 7X11,
unititled as of yet. I previously told you that Sein Und Zeit had to do with
parents suspected of abducting their own children. Some of you speculated
we might be covering some Samantha territory as well because of the
content. You are right. There's even a Santa Claus killer named Ed Truelove
involved that has done a number of murders in this two parter that Mulder
even hopes a la Paper Hearts might lead to some clues about Samantha.
Well, there's a twist. A big one. Now please remember that this comes from
the original draft of part 1 and God knows after Two Fathers/One Son and
Biogenesis those things can change dramatically.

However, in the original script of episode ten Mulder's Mom dies. And it
appears to be suicide.

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