XFC: Orison

At a prison in Illinois, Reverend Orison is preaching to a group of prisoners, including mass murder Donnie
Pfaster. Orison says things like "god's love is a promise," and "God's love will set you free." As the prisoners
respond to Orison, Donnie doesn't participate. Later, in the prison garment shop, a prisoner screams because a
blade used to cut materials has cut his fingers off. In the commotion, Donnie is able to walk out of the prison. The
time is 6:06 AM.

In her bedroom, Scully wakes up at 6:06 AM, but the digital clock briefly reads 6:66. The electricity then flickers
and the clock returns to normal. In the next scene, she is with Mulder at the prison in Illinois to help determine
how Donnie escaped. She claims that the case does not bother her, but she is clearly affected by her memory of
how Donnie kidnapped her years earlier. In the prison room where Orison preached to the prisoners Scully hears
a song that she recognizes from her childhood coming from an air vent. Mulder interviews the man whose fingers
were cut off -- in reality they weren't, even though he felt the blade. Mulder believes that Donnie escaped as the
result of mass hypnosis, but doubts that Donnie did it. Two other prisoners at other prisoners have escaped in the
same way, never to be heard from again. Mulder observe that the prison chaplain had contact with all three
missing men.

At a bus stop coffee shop, a prostitute propositions Donnie. He offers to manicure her, but Orison interrupts -- the
grace of God got Donnie out of prison and it is the only thing that will keep him out. US Marshals arrive, orison
flicks his keys and chants a prayer, and the Marshals discover that Donnie and Orison have disappeared. Outside,
Donnie runs Orison down with Orison's car, then drives off with the prostitute in the car with him. When Mulder
and Scully arrive at the coffee shop, the US Marshals are very confused. They thought they saw Donnie, but then
he wasn't there. On a radio in the coffee shop, Scully hears the same song again, "Don't Look any Farther." At the
hospital, Scully talks with Orison. He tells Scully that she heard God calling, but doesn't know what to do and says,
"Everything has a reason, Scout."

Mulder arrives, with a picture of the dead prostitute. Orison is shocked. Mulder concludes that Orison managed to
get the prisoners out in order to kill them. Orison was convicted of murder in 1959 and served 22 years in prison.
Scully tells Mulder that she is confused by hearing that song repeatedly. She hasn't heard it for years. When she
was 13 and her father was stationed in San Diego, she was listening to that song when her mother told her that
her Sunday school teacher had been murdered. That was when Scully first believed that there is true evil in the
world. The Sunday school teacher used to call her "Scout." Mulder shows Scully that an MRI scan or orison's head
shows what appears to be a self-inflicted brain wound that given Orison greatly increased blood flow to the brain.
Mulder believes that this given Orison mental powers, such as the ability to impose mass hypnosis. Later, Orison
causes the US Marshall guarding him to not notice as Orison leaves the hospital. Orison leaves a note by the bed
that Scully later finds, saying "Don't look any farther."

Donnie is at Orison's apartment. A redheaded call girl arrives. Donnie goes through his usual routine of having her
get in the tub so he can shampoo her. She soon decides that he is too weird and begins to leave, but Donnie
discovers that her red hair is a wig, and becomes mad. The girl knocks him down and runs, escaping. When
Donnie wakes up, Orison is there, with the Marshall's gun. When Donnie asks what he is doing, Orison answers,
"Taking you home -- the wicked shall be punished." Outside, Donnie kneels as Orison digs a grave. Donnie cries,
but says he is crying for Orison because "you cannot kill me." Donnie's face appears to transform into that of a

Orison's body is found, buried where Orison intended to bury Donnie. Donnie had actually called to tell then
where to find Orison's body. Mulder and Scully go home because the X-File, Orison's special powers, is concluded
and the US Marshals can handle the search for Donnie. Donnie, however, precedes them and enters Scully's
apartment to wait for her. Scully arrives home and after changing into her flannel pajamas discovers Donnie
hiding in her closet. They fight and she almost defeats him, but Donnie he managed to bind her. "You're the one
who got away," he said. "The only thing I think about." She screams when he says, "I'm going to run you a bath."
At Mulder's apartment, a US Marshall has left him a message that the call girl who escaped Donnie reported him.
But Mulder does not check his messages immediately upon returning home.

While Donnie is filling the bathtub he leaves Scully in a closet with her wrists tied behind her. She gets out of the
closet and begins making her way across the floor to where her gun was knocked onto the floor. She has a couple
of close calls in which Donnie almost sees her and she manages to work her legs through her bound wrists so her
hands are in front of her. With scenes moving in slow motion, Mulder bursts into the apartment door and holds
Donnie at gunpoint. Scully walks into view, carrying her gun, raises the gun and shoots Donnie. The scene fades
out and fades back in to show several law officers in Scully's apartment. Mulder tells Scully that his report will
make clear that Donnie gave her no choice. He says she cannot judge herself. She tells Mulder that she is sure
that Donnie was evil but she wonders who or what was at work in her that made her pull the trigger. Her concern
is what if it was NOT God?

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