XFC: The Goldberg Variation

In Chicago, Henry Weems is playing cards in a high-stakes poker game with mobsters.
Weems wins $100,000 but won't stay to continue playing. As he leaves, henchmen take him to the roof and throw
him off, but he lands 300 feet below in a hole, survives and walks off, unsteadily.

Mulder meets Scully on a downtown street in Chicago, coming up out of the pavement in a freight elevator from a
basement that extends under the sidewalk. Agents staking out the mobster saw an unidentified man fall from the
roof then walk off. Mulder wonders whether this man has some kind of special healing power. Scully thinks he just
got lucky. Going down into the basement they find a cart with broken wheels, filled with towels, suggesting the
man may have landed in it. In the towels in the cart they find an artificial eye.

Mulder and Scully identify Weems because he was the only person that day to make an appointment to get fitted
for a new artificial eye. They visit the apartment where Weems is building superintendent, but in the hall a woman
calls them into her apartment for help. She can't find Weems and she needs help turning off a water valve
because her sink is leaking. As Mulder turns it, the valve breaks, spraying Mulder with water. Then the floor gives
way and he falls into the apartment below, where he finds Weems, who was hiding. Mulder gives him back his
glass eye but Weems refuses to testify against mobster Jimmy Cutrona. Weems' hobby is making complex
machines, like Rube Goldberg depicted. Scully tells Weems that Catrona will probably try to kill Weems again. As
the agents leave a hood enters. Mulder realizes he lost his car key when he fell through the floor and buzzes
Weem's apartment to get back in through the front security door. Mulder and Scully return a few moments later to
find Weems gone and the hood hanging dead from a ceiling fan by his shoelaces.

Mulder hypothesizes about the complex series of Rube Goldberg-like events that caused the assassin end up
hanging from the ceiling fan. Weems seems to have an unusual amount of luck. Scully talks with a neighbor boy,
Richie, who is a friend of Weems. He has one of Weems' Goldberg devices in his room that Weems made for him
when Richie was in the hospital for liver disease. He quotes Weems as saying that everything happens for a
reason. Weems is hiding in the building and visits the boy after the agents leave.

The agents learn that Weems survived an airplane crash in 1989, which Mulder thinks is where the lucky streak
started. Afterward Weems severed his ties with all his friends. Mulder wonders why he has resumed using his luck.
Weems goes into a shop to buy a rub-off lottery ticket and wins $100,000. The payment schedule is too long,
though, and he throws it away. Another man grabs it, runs outside and is hit by a truck.

Mulder and Scully split up to search the apartment building in more detail. Meanwhile another assassin begins
looking for Weems. Mulder picks a lock and enters an apartment where he finds Weems hiding in a heating duct.
The assassin sees him through the open door and shoots, but the bullet bounces around the room, including
grazing Mulder's arm, and comes back to strike the assassin.

At the emergency room, the injured assassin is wheeled in. Mulder is treated for a flesh wound. He uses cards to
test Weems, who always gets the high card. It is a nightmare for him because when you get really lucky other
people suffer, which is why he keeps a low profile. He needs the money to help Richie who needs a liver
transplant, but Richie has a very rare blood type and can't find a donor. An experimental treatment program needs
$100,000 to get in. Mulder believes and doesn't think Weems' life is in danger. Several hoods arrive at the hospital.
On the street outside, as he dodges the mobsters, Weems is hit by a truck but survives. Richie suffers an attack and
is taken to the same hospital by EMTs. As his mom, Maggie, gets ready to follow, a mobster kidnaps her.

Weems visits Richie in the hospital and is convinced that Cutrona is responsible for taking Maggie. Richie is
gravely ill and needs a transplant in the next few hours. Weems visits Cutrona. He won't testify if Maggie is
released. The mobsters take him to the building basement where Maggie is locked up. They suspend Weems from
a hoist but his luck holds and the hoods are incapacitated by an unlikely series of events. Mulder and Scully
arrive, guns drawn. Cutrona, who is dead, is a perfect match for Richie's blood and Richie gets the transplant from
Catrona's body. Maybe Weems' luck is changing and the people around him don't suffer anymore.

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