6.10 SR.819

12/3 - From AF on the message boards: And Mulder is running around trying to help him. Scully is barely in it, if at all, and there's not all that much Mulder either, from what I've heard, though he's in it a fair piece. (They were trying to give them some time off before Thanksgiving, supposedly.) It's a Shiban solo script , with some help from CC, and supposedly it's not strictly mytharc, despite the presence of characters who are normally associated with mytharc. A lot of it involves the CSM, and Krycek in a hideous wig and a worse beard. He's in *disguise*, you see. It's also unclear what Krycek's motives are, or what his agenda is. Btw, "SR" does indeed mean Senate Resolution, as many have stated.

12/3 - From Cinescape Online: Skinner doesn't in fact just contract a deadly illness...it's given to him in the form of a poison. "With just a few hours to live Skinner does a Snake Plissken imitation seeking out those who infected him with the help of Mulder. There's doors smashed down and all the typical violent staples of the ‘time is running out on your life genre’.