The X Files
Season 1: Episodes 1-24

1X01  Pilot Episode
FBI Special Agent Dana Scully is paired with maverick Agent Fox Mulder
who has made it his lifes work to explore unexplained phenomena. 
The two are dispatched to investigate the mysterious deaths of a 
number of high school class mates.
First US Transmission: September 10th 1993

1X02  Deep Throat
Acting on a tip from an inside source (Deep Throat), Mulder and Scully
travel to Idaho to investigate unusual disappearences of army test 
pilots. Also the very first episode in which the famous duo's 
informant (Deep Throat) apeears, who turns up in many more episodes 
through season one.
First US Transmission: September 17th 1993

1X03  Squeeze
Mulder and Scully try to stop a mutant killer, Eugene Victor Tooms,
who can gain access through even the smallest spaces and awakens from
hibernation every thirty years to extract the livers of  five people.
First US Transmission: September 24th 1993

1X04  Conduit
A teenage girl is abducted by unknown forces supposedly aliens, 
compelling Agent Mulder to face his own feelings of his sisters 
abduction. Agent Dana Scully remains very skeptical throughout the 
First US Transmission: October 1st 1993

1X05  The Jersey Devil
Mulder and Scully investigate murders thought to be the work of a 
legendary man-beast living in the New Jersey Woods. Scully comes up 
with the case but Mulder is on the tail of a beast type creature.
First US Transmission: October 8th 1993

1X06  Shadows
Scully and Mulder investigate unusual murders commited by an unusual 
and unknown force protecting a young women. Could there be a normal
explanation as Scully seems to sugest, or is Mulder right to suggest
poltragiest are hovering over Lauren Kyte.
First Us Transmission: October 22nd 1993

1X07  Ghost In The Machine
A computer with artificial inteligence begins killing in order to 
preserve its existance. The machine is based at Eurisko, the high tech
company and the killer, the machine that runs the C.O.S project.
First US Transmission: October 29th 1993

1X08  Ice
Mulder, Scully and a small research party are trapped in the Arctic 
after the unexplained deaths of a research team on assignment in the
area. The deadly killer is a fine worm type specimin which kills when
entering the body. At one point Scully even holds Mulder at gun point.
First US Transmission: November 5th 1993

1X09  Space
A mysterious force is sabotaging the United States' space shuttle 
program and Scully and Mulder must stop it before the next launch. 
Is this the experimentation of aliens or the millitary?
First US Transmission: November 12th 1993

1X10  Fallen Angel
Scully and Mulder investigate a possible UFO crash site, which Mulder
believes the government is trying to cover-up. Can Mulder find the 
source before the government? 
First US Transmission: November 19th 1993

1X11  Eve
Two bizarre, identicle murders occur simultaneously on different 
coasts, each involving a strange young girl. As Scully soon finds out,
the awnser is all down to illeagle clones.
First US Transmission: December 10th 1993

1X12  Fire
Mulder and Scully encounter an assasin who who can start fires with 
the touch of his own hands. The killer is an Englishman 
Cecil L'ively/Bob who attacks lonely women with the flame he generates
from his hands.
First US Transmission: December 17th 1993

1X13  Beyond The Sea
Scully and Mulder seek the aid of a death row inmate, Luther Lee Boggs
who claims to have psychic abilities, to help them stop a killer thats
on the loose.
First US Transmission: January 7th 1994

1X14  Genderbender
Scully and Mulder seek answers to a bizarre series of murders commited
by one person who kills as both male and female.

1X15  Lazarus
When an FBI agent and a bank robber are both shot during a bank heist,
the robber is killed but the agent begins to take on the criminals 
First US Transmission: February 4th 1994

1X16  Young At Heart
Mulder finds that a criminal he put away who was supposed to have died
in prison has returned, taunting him as he commits a new spree of 
First US Transmission: February 11th 1994

1X17  E.B.E
Scully and Mulder discover evidence of a government cover-up. When 
thay learn that a UFO shot down in Iraq has been secretly transported
to the US.
First US transmission: Feb 18th 1994

1X18  Miricle Man
The agents investigate a young faith healer who seems to be able to 
use his powers for the purpose of both good and evil.
First US Transmission: March 18th 1994

1X19  Shapes
Mulder and Scully travel to an Indian reservation to examin deaths 
caused by a beast like creature. Is this the act of a real beast as 
Mulder seems to think, or is it a pure act of cannablism as Scully 
First US Transmission: April 1st 1994

1X20  Darkness Falls
Mulder and Scully are called in when loggers in a remote Pacific North
west forest mysteriously disappear. The cause of the mystery is down 
to little green glowing spider type objects which only come out when 
the sun goes down and all the lights are out. Mulder and Scully's 
life is also very jeopardized by the little green bugs.
First US Transmission: April 15th 1994

1X21  Tooms  (a.k.a  Squeeze 2)
Mulder becomes personaly involved when Eugeen Victor Tooms, the serial
liver extracting killer is released from prison. Has he been fully 
rehabilitated or will he go back to his old ways?
First US Transmission: April 22nd 1994

1X22  Born Again 
A series of murders is linked to a little girl who may be the
reincarnated spirit of a murdered policeman.
First US Transmission: April 29th 1994

1X23  Roland
Mulder and Scully investigate the murders of two rocket scientists, 
apparently linked to a retarded janetor. is this the cause of an 
experinment gone terribly wrong.
First US Transmission: May 6th 1994

1X24  The Erlenmeyer Flask
Final episode to season 1. working on a tip from Deep Throat, Mulder 
and Scully discover that the government has been testing alien DNA on 
humans with disastrous results. Deep Throat's final episode, as he is
 shot by Mulders abductor and dies in Scully's arms telling her to 
TRUST NO ONE. The only episode in the first series to change 
First US Transmission: May 13th 1994